"View What Clients Say About Joe Lumi" 

"Read What Clients Say About Joe Lumi" 

I have been checking into an eStore for about a year now. I have wanted one for years. I tried various things. I tried the free ones online but the size is limited. Then they want to change you to buying a package and not only charge to create the page but for the upkeep as well. Joe will work with you in every way whether you are a novice or whether you can up keep your own site. He is a wonderful guy who will listen to your input. I tried to do my own site some time ago but it was too involved. But I knew what I wanted because I had been on the internet since 1997. Joe and I worked together and he was done in a much shorter time than I could have done it. I like that he is so flexible and willing to work with me. My site looks great! Can't thank you enough.

I would highly recommend Joe. He is super knowledgeable about anything and everything to do with websites from design, hosting, navigating and so on. He is ALWAYS available to help with any questions via email or phone. He is very patient and encouraging and he always follows thru with the tasks at hand. I don't think the guy ever sleeps!

I met joe by building a deck for him at his home. A few days later I had a website up and running! As not being a very tech savy guy I didn't think a web site would help my home improvement company any but it has a lot. All of my customers now go on the site to check out pictures and testimonials. Joe is a great guy to work with, I drop pictures off to him and he has them up on the site in a matter of hours and it looks great. I would recomend Joe any day of the week.

Joe put together a website for me at short notice. The content and objectives were both outside of the ordinary, but it was set up and ready with very little adjustment. Joe took on borad what we wanted and delivered. I would recomend Joe to anyone, and will happily talk in more detail about our experience.

Joe is awesome! when I began my startup company I really did not know what I was doing lol. Joe was very patience, insightful and helpful and he still is to this day. I know I treat him like he's a personal assistant at times but he is always there and comes through every time. The proof is in the work. Take a look at my site. He has done wonders for my business and we continue to grow together.

...The feedback we are getting about our website has been incredible. We are very grateful for your guidance and help. You did a wonderful job. We will pass your contact information to anyone expressing an interest in doing their own site.

We met Joe thru Craigs List advert in Dec 2012. Did not expect someone to be so Professional, Friendly, Helpful and PROMPT. Working with Joe was a really Easy, Pleasant and very educative. We had on and off questions, problems and needed help like anytime and within less than 5 minutes of e-mailing him the problem or texting him we had an answer and if was able to fix the problem he would do it right away. Even after 8 months of him providing us with the website we had a problem recently (May 2013) and without any tantrums of hesitation he resolved the problem and had our site working perfectly again. We Really RECOMMEND Joe for any web-site needs. You will never have any disappointment working with him...Professional, Helpful, Dedicated to his work and always ready to help and resolve any problems. Thank you Joe for providing us with such a wonderful service....

I had tried numerous sites over the past three years including Yahoo, Sears, MailCar, eBay ProStore and my own site. None produced hardly any sales. I was paying for an SSL certificate, credit card service, Search engine optimization and had hire two different "professional" services to promote the various sites with very little success. I was referred to Joe by someone that had used him to develop a site and I toyed around with the idea for about 5 months trying to figure out if I should give it one more attempt to have a successful site or not. I finally did contact Joe and the results have been surprising. In the first week, I had 4 sales. This is now the 5th month and last month I had 12 sales. Each month the sale continue to increase. It might not sound like much, but considering that the Yahoo store averaged 2 sales a month after being active for 2 years, Sears produces about 4 sales a month and has been active for 3 years, MailCar is averaging 3 sales per month and has been active for 4 years and the eBay ProStore only produced about 5 sales per month. When you consider that I was paying monthly fees for these stores, had paid to use search engine submission sites and had hired outside consultants that were very expensive to work on key words and more, Joe's work has been very successful. The only regret that I have is that I did not start with Joe 4 years ago. He is professional and the work was done very quickly.

I actually stumbled upon Joe and it was one of the best things for my businesses! I first contacted him for a logo design and he was unlimited with my revisions until I was happy with the final result. He has set up an extensive website that functions as a blog and merchant site. You can check it out at www.thehnote.com. He is also working on several other sites for me know that are in the making which I cannot disclose. One of them is quite elaborate and Joe is succeeding with all of my coding needs! In regards to working with Joe he actually keeps me on track. With several projects going on his to-do lists are always appreciated. He is punctual and makes check in's to just recap and check on progress which is always appreciated. His fees are under average for the quality and care he delivers in my opinion. Most important to me I would have to tell you is Joe's personality, it is perfect for this type of work! He is always a pleasure to talk to and very easy going about changes that occur (I change my mind a lot!). He rolls with the changes and even worked in real time with me to show them to me live- no one out there does that. I plan on Joe being around in my business ventures for a long time and I would highly recommend that for you as well!

I met Joe through an online advertising ad he had put out. At our first meeting it was a pleasure to meet and work with Joe. We design custom furniture and wall beds and Joe captured exactly what we needed to touch our customers since we do not have a storefront and the only way to advertise our product is online. Through the eye grabbing front page to the drop down menu on each of our products I thought the website came out extremely well. He set us up with an online market place for us to offer our customers online payments through credit card or paypal. Joe not only does the work but he tries to educate you in lamen terms in what he will be doing so you understand what will be done. He is very creative with his web designs for all different types of businesses. I would recommend Joe to other clients that are looking for a web designer.