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Our 4 Step Process

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Provide us your website content via online form


We design your website based off of your information


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Once you approve, the website goes live!

Robust Kickstarter Features

Your Kickstarter One Page Website Gets:

FREE Hosting Plan
Scrolling One Page site with Anchor Text
Call to Action (CTA)
Contact Form with 5 Fields
Social Media Icons and Integration in Header and/or Footer
4 Stock Photos
1 Round of Revisions
Up to 15 Minutes of Maintenance monthly for the 1st year


Your Kickstarter One Page Website Gets:

The Kickstarter Design Package is a one-time fee of $1,425.

  • Free Hosting Plan for the 1st year
  • Scrolling One Page site with up to 4 Anchor Links and Text
  • Contact form with up to 5 fields
  • Integration of Social Media Icons
  • 4 Stock Photos of your choosing
  • 1 Round of Revisions after completion of the site
  • Mobile Responsive Behavior
  • Up to 15 minutes of Maintenance Monthly for the 1st year

Absolutely! Customers can change color schemes, images, and text on the website. The only aspect of the website that cannot be edited is the layout.

Of course we do. You can include any of the following:

  • Custom Logo
  • Custom Business Email Addresses
  • Advanced Search Engine Optimization
  • Additional Stock Photography

See something we aren't offering, just ask!

I heartily recommend Joe Lumi Web Design. While it's wonderful his PA locale has recognized that a star designer lives in their midst with their "Best of 2016" award, his service merits national or international acclaim. My project demanded creative solutions and unorthodox thinking. Joe responded, always supporting my goals, including inevitable changes in vision. Working closely with me, day-in and day-out, Joe was committed to my total satisfaction. With reasonable pricing, great tech knowledge, and extraordinary, timely service, the Joe Lumi brand is a winner, indeed.

My business experience with Joe Lumi has been a humble one. His patience has been phenomenal. The quality of his work is epic. He help me turn my vision into a reality and I'm forever grateful for him. Thank you so much Joe Lumi! You are a star!

The best decision we made was to hire Joe Lumi! I had never built a website before and was feeling a bit overwhelmed. Joe was amazing to work with, very patient and very thorough. He listened attentively to our ideas and was tremendously responsive to our team. He helped make the whole process very enjoyable. I would highly recommend Joe Lumi!

I am an extremely satisfied customer. From beginning to end Joe was professional, courteous, and able to complete every request. I thought I knew what I wanted until he played with some concepts based on my logo and brand and it came out PERFECT. I have been telling everyone who has asked. Joe Lumi is your go to. Let him build you a quality website. It was affordable and it was everything I asked for and then some.

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